SPC 701
SPC 702
SPC 703
SPC 704
500-hour Waterproof Laminate 5061
500-hour Waterproof Laminate 5062
500-hour Waterproof Laminate 5063
500-hour Waterproof Laminate 5064
500-hour Waterproof Laminate 5065
500-hour Waterproof Laminate 5066

About Us

EVA Floors carries a huge selection of premium laminate, vinyl and hardwood flooring in a variety of colors and styles with an excellent craftsmanship. Our flooring is marvelous, long-lasting and cost effective. Our products meet efficient manufacture system, superior processing skill, excellent management team and strict quality control.

Our Mission

We deliver quality products and solutions to our clients. EVA Floors is the ultimate source for your needs. From residential to commercial, you may find everything you need for flooring.


The value employees bring to creating customer solutions provides the backbone of our team's success.


Our employees thrive in an atmosphere which supports continuous learning development and personal growth.


We constantly strive to find new and better ways to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.


Our tradition of ethical and honest business conduct is the foundation of our organization.


We will provide ACTIONS, not just words!